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The 1915 San Diego Exposition initiated 100 years of growth and creativity for the San Diego Region. We are Celebrating 100 Years of Creativity since the 1915 Exposition and Building Toward a Millennium (1000 Years) of Sustainability.

We invite you to explore the past 100 years+ and participate in building the future. We help coordinate events throughout the Region within the San Diego 2015 theme.

Balboa Park 2015

Balboa Park, built out initially for the 1915 San Diego Exposition from the remnants of "City Park," has cultural institutions as well as nature within its confines. It is owned by the City of San Diego.

Balboa Park 2015 and San Diego 2015 are not affiliated with the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, any organizations that have San Diego in their name, Balboa Park, or any organizations that have Balboa Park in their name.

We invite you to "Explore the Past and Create the Future" during your visit to our web pages, and perhaps to the physical location that is Balboa Park. The site is presently being rebuilt, so expect changes along the way.

This site is independently owned and operated.

  • Balboa Park 2015 is a separate site to provide information specific to what is happening in and around the City of San Diego's Balboa Park..