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San Diego 2015: Celebrating a Century of Creativity & Building Toward a Millennium of Sustainability

The San Diego Region is an amazing place. Discovered in 1542 by New Spain explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, it ws not colonized until 1769. Since 1769 there have been significant changes to the economic, social, and environmental conditions of the region. The Region is now home to San Diego County, Imperial County, Riverside County and Orange County in the United States after its annexation in 1849. It includes Mexicali, Tecate, Ensenada, and other locals within Northern Baja California. It is loosely defined as being part of the "Southern California Mega Region.

We will show during 2015 what makes the San Diego Region unique, and why it makes sense for people from outside of the Region to create ties to the Region, as well as what makes the people who call this Region "Home" proud of their accomplishments. There is something for everyone.

Balboa Park 2015: Exploring the Past and Creating the Future

Balboa Park was originally called "City Park" in 1868 with a size exceeding 1,500 acres. In 1911 the park was renamed "Balboa Park" as a tie to the projected 1915 opening of the Panama Canal for an Exposition designed to attract people to the Region. The initial impetus was from a transplanted Canadian heading the San Diego City Chamber of Commerce.

Balboa Park 2015 is a separate site to provide information specific to what is happening in and around the City of San Diego's Balboa Park..